Sushi Special Rolls

Erawan Roll: 12.50

Sliced Eel and Avocado on a California Roll.

Caterpillar Roll: 12.00

Sliced Avocado on an Eel and Cucumber Roll.

Special Spicy Tuna Roll: 12.00

Sliced Tuna on a Spicy Tuna Roll.

Scottish Roll: 12.00

Sliced Salmon on a Cucumber Asparagus Roll With Pongu Sauce.

Super Crunch Roll: 13.00

Smoked Salmon, Shrimp and Avocado on a Shrimp Tempura Roll.

Yami Yami Roll: 12.00

Deep Fried Tuna, White Fish, Salmon, and Cream Cheese; All in a Roll.

Dragon Rolls: 14.50

Eel and Avocado on a Soft Shell Crab and an Avocado Roll.

Crunch Roll: 10.50

Shrimp on Top of Crunch with Masago Mayo.

Rainbow Roll: 13.00

Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp and White Fish on a California Roll.

Volcano Roll: 12.00

Chopped Tuna, Salmon and White Fish with Spicy Mayo on a California Roll.

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