Fresh Garden Roll (2): 6.00

Soft fresh roll skin stuffed with organic green salad, tofu, mint leaves, & noodle served with special brown sauce.

To-Fu-Tod: 5.00

Deep fried Tofu served with sweet & sour sauce with crushed peanuts.

Satay (4): 8.00

Organic Tender chunks of skewered meat grilled & served with special peanut sauce.

Kanom Jeep (4): 6.00

Steamed dumplings stuffed with minced pork in special Thai herbs and served with sweet brown sauce.

Spring Roll (3): 5.00

Fried crispy spring rolls stuffed with organic vegetable and bean thread noodles.

Organic Garden Tempura: 8.00

Mixed vegetables in tempura batter, crispy fried and served with sweet special sauce.

Erawan Calamari: 8.00

Lightly battered calamari and deep-fried to crunchy served with sweet pepper sauce.

Gyoza (6): 7.00

Pan fried chicken gyoza served with sweet brown sauce.

Cheese Roll (3): 7.00

Fried crispy spring roll stuffed with crab meat cream cheese and carrot in oriental herbs served with sweet and sour sauce.

Fried Fish Cake ( 5 ): 8.00

Fried fish cake served with cucumber sauce with ground peanut.

Shrimp Bikini (5): 9.00

Marinated shrimp wrapped with spring roll skin, fried and served with homemade plum sauce.

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